What is a ‘Blue Apple’?

Whether you’re looking for a new member of a team or a new contract, permanent or project post, it’s never just about the technical skills or the previous experience.  There’s always the unquantifiable – call it team fit, personality match or gut feeling – that means as an employer or as a candidate it’s vital that you know that you’re in the safe hands of an expert as well as someone who cares as much as you do.

At Cordless Resourcing we call our valuable people “Blue Apples”, and our unique selection process the Blue Apple Methodology.

Using six additional criteria, going far beyond the typical technical and employment assessments, we are able to match the right Blue Apple to the perfect role – ensuring that the unquantifiable becomes a reality.

To discover more about our unique Blue Apple approach, and how as either a client or candidate you could benefit immeasurably from Cordless Resourcing, please get in touch with us today using our CONTACT FORM or by calling us on 020 7222 6092.


Blue Apple