Shifting Perspectives and Fungible Skills

FungibleIn my last article, “Hitting the Ground Running”, I talked about organisations who spend valuable time holding out for the perfect resource in terms of skills matching, and how holding out for this flawless match can cause additional delays to projects and BAU activities. What I didn’t touch upon are the longer term consequences of the “flawless candidate match”. Consider for a moment where that same organisation will be when the candidate who has everything from day one gets bored, only to move on to somewhere where they are more challenged in a role and can grow their skills further.

There are solutions – but it does require a shift in perspective from hirers, which is rarely simple or straightforward.  But by seeing employees as human capital rather than a cost can have an immediate positive impact – especially when business recognises other abilities and interests that over time can add greater value to company culture.  It is this recognition, ideally followed by investment from an organisation, which not only increases retention but also empowers the workforce of the future.  I call these additional assets ‘Fungible Skills’.

I met a client several years ago, who talked quite openly about this.  She was looking to solve her resourcing issues by multiskilling her existing team, so that they could apply themselves across a number of areas within the organisation if needed.  Not only did this hiring manager focus primarily on sourcing talented team members with the vision of training them internally to become even better, but she also in one fell swoop solved the problem of attrition.  After all, a member of staff who feels valued because their skills are being developed by their employer is much more likely to have a strong sense of loyalty.

Cordless Resourcing is proud to be a pioneer of the Blue Apple methodology, working with both organisations and technology professionals to consider what level of fungibility each candidate has and the long-term benefits that can bring – regardless of whether it is a contractual or permanent hire. But this can only happen with a trusted partner who understands fully your business needs and cultural fit to find someone who can grow into a position quickly – and remove the necessity for a long hiring process.

To see how Cordless Resourcing’s Fungible Skills Model makes us the consultative partner of choice and mitigates risk by simplifying your hiring process, please give us a call today.

Ian Kirby