Is 2016 the year to get ‘Personal’?


In the past 12 months, clients have frequently stated that their biggest concern is the lack of personal touch from suppliers…

While email, mobile and digital communications, web portals and online data analytics have all hugely advanced – improving elements of the resourcing service provided to businesses – the process of hiring and supplier management has arguably become further and further detached. Company representatives come and go, email is utilised as a way to delay responses, and suppliers do not make enough of an effort to understand the businesses they are working with.

Where did it all go wrong?

When looking at trends for 2016, it is always vital to think about the cyclical nature of things.  I was recently asked to present a thought leadership session on the future of resourcing, and while I was considering 2016 and beyond, I considered my own career in this industry and what has changed during the past twenty years.

It was an interesting exercise, and one which is not just applicable to the resourcing marketplace.  Back in 1995 the main tool for communication of candidate data was via fax machine, and CV editing was something undertaken with a bottle of correction fluid and scissors.  Contact details were stored on index cards, and while the telephone was the main method of communication to both clients and candidates the mobile was still very much in its infancy and it was therefore much harder to speak to people and build those key relationships.

The business landscape of the mid-nineties was very similar in all areas, with personal networks and face-to-face meetings being the main focus.  Frequently these long-term relationships were far more important than the company they were working for.

The modern digital age may have sped things up, but it has also made us lazy.

As I recalled the way we used to work, it became clear to me that while the tools that we use in our day-to-day work life have changed immensely to facilitate speed and simplicity, the overall personal approach and human logic should undeniably be the same.  There is no substitute for human contact.

Human dynamics are the vital link.

So considering this, it is perhaps not surprising that I predict that 2016 will see the return to a far more personal way of doing business.  The return to more traditional ways of sourcing staff through trusted partnerships and relationships may not be a surprise to some, as it usually always guarantees a much higher quality of submissions and a quicker response to demand.

Trusted partnerships and personal relationships deliver greater results.

I have always focussed on a more personal approach to resourcing, and Cordless Resourcing was developed using this highly consultative model.  Recently I was approached by a global client based in the US whose suppliers were failing to deliver the skills and experience required of their hires.  By employing our Blue Apple methodology and working closely with the US and UK teams, Cordless Resourcing were not only able to source the Senior Project Managers they required, but we succeeded where their US partners had failed – resulting in additional UK staff from us as a result.

The resourcing evolution in 2016 will therefore be about bringing back the personal and consultative touch – something we at Cordless Resourcing are spearheading every day.  To see how we can make a difference to the success of your business in 2016, speak with Cordless Resourcing today.

Ian Kirby