“Hit The Ground Running”: What it really means when you’re looking to hire

careerIn the world of business, finding the right people has always been difficult, but now even more so. I’ve had numerous conversations recently with senior managers, who tell me that they simply cannot find what they’re looking for and that as a result deliverables are slipping into the red. The comment that normally comes next is something along the lines of time being precious, and that wasted hours interviewing unsuitable candidates makes the pressure even more apparent.

When I hear these statements at the start of a client engagement, I ask them this – have the interviews really been time truly wasted, and what did they learn from this experience? In most cases, this polarises people. Some will respond with a simple yes, and that what they’ve learnt is that they need someone to hit the ground running with minimal management. Others will say no, and they learnt that it isn’t always possible to solve a problem without some kind of compromise – especially if waiting longer is becoming less of an option.

In our current market, organisations who have been used to pursuing the golden egg – the dream candidate with all the right experience and technical knowledge – are spending more time conducting interviews and less time developing talent. Perhaps ironically, the ‘Report On Jobs’ document published by KPMG at the beginning of February pointed out another downside to this hiring approach, with KMPG CIO Heath Jackson stating that Starting salaries may be continuing to rise for the jobs being created today, but this is unsustainable over the long term. Employers will reach a point where they cannot afford to keep throwing money at candidates, no matter how much their skills are in demand”.

So, if those candidates with identikit experience are becoming ever rarer and the cost of securing them is becoming as unsustainable as Jackson suggests, then what is the answer?

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Ian Kirby